Bizzare Expensive Things Davido Spends His Millions On

What we envy most about celebrities are their bank accounts. The millions Davido has made from his career have given way to a lifestyle we all dream of. Check out things Davido has dropped a stupid amount of cash on.


  • Houses

Davido dropped $1,500,000 on Guiliano De Medici located at Banana Island. The house comes with 10 apartments, 8 bedrooms, and 2 penthouse lofts on the roof, 3 vehicle garages, a cinema, and a swimming pool.
Crazy right?

banana island


  • Fast Cars

Generally, celebrities don’t play when it comes to purchasing luxurious cars but not Davido dropping a whopping sum of over 600,000,000 naira on luxury cars- Lamborghini, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Lexus, and Bentley. Check them out HERE



  • Diamond Jewelleries

From customized diamond chains to sunglasses, bracelets, watches, and earrings worth over 300,000,000 naira. Check out the cost of his jewelry HERE



  • KAWS Figures

What are KAWS figures? They are designer toys, also known as art toys and collectibles made by Brian Donnelly in very limited quantities. The current toy line is produced by the Japanese toy company Medicom and is about 11 inches in size and is made of vinyl.

Davido owns quite a few – displayed in his sitting room. A piece of KAWS is worth over $690 (₦341,550) and above.

PS: The most expensive Kaws item sold was Companion-Bus Stop and it sold for $375,000.00.


  • Booze

It’s hard to see Davido without a red cup in his hands or a bottle of liquor. Davido is one to drop millions on drinks while clubbing or partying. While on his private jet trips, he is always with a bottle of Martell- his favorite drink on board.



  • Food

While on tour and vacation, Davido spends heavily on food for himself and his crew. Back in 2019, Davido spent almost a million naira on food in Miami- part of it was gold-plated meat worth $1,000, ridiculous right?



  • Fashion

What looks good doesn’t come cheap indeed and when it comes to looking good, Davido keeps it 1 hunnit. While home or abroad, he takes out time to shop at luxury fashion stores- Gucci, Amiri, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc.



  • Luxury Vacation Villas

Davido loves fun and comfort, so he spends a lot booking luxurious hotels and villas while on tour or on vacation.

davido  Vacation in Sint Marteen


  • Tattoos

Taking a quick look at Davido’s physical appearance, you would notice an extensive amount of tattoos. These tattoos could be worth thousands of dollars.



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